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From March 8 to 15, 2023, the Department of Seine Saint-Denis was honored to welcome Ms. Bouaré, on the occasion of the 21st Meeting of the Observatory on Violence against Women. Bintou Bouaré, former Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family of Mali, is today the President of WILDAF Mali (Women Law and Development in Africa) based in Bamako.

A lawyer by training, Ms. Bouaré works for many years to improve women’s rights in Mali by providing legal assistance to women, care for victims of violence and advocacy. Bintou Bouaré is dedicated to the fight for equality between women and men and the implementation of international conventions that Mali has ratified.

The 21st Meeting of the Departmental Observatory of Seine Saint-Denis on Violence against Women

Bintou Bouaré participated in the 21st Meeting of the Departmental Observatory of Violence against Women of Seine Saint-Denis. She presented the progress and challenges related to the fight against violence against women in Mali. The standing ovation from the audience expressed the importance of her message and the recognition of her work in favour of equality between women and men and the protection of women against violence.


Standing ovation from the audience at the Meeting

In times of conflict, we observe an increase in violence against women and girls. We realize that the achievements made in terms of women's rights are very fragile and we must protect at all costs."
Bintou Founé Samaké Bouaré President of WILDAF Mali

Meeting with local elected officials


Mrs. Bouaré and the President of the Departmental Council of Seine Saint-Denis, Mr. Troussel

Strengthening the network of partners of the International Observatory on Violence against Women is important to sustain the effect of its actions. Exchanges with international partners are particularly rich and valuable: Bintou Bouaré’s visit to the office of the President of the Seine Saint-Denis Departmental Council, Stéphane Troussel, was an opportunity to discuss political, security and economic issues in Mali. Discussions also focused on the importance of guaranteeing women’s right to fair justice, even in times of political crisis. It was also an opportunity for Stéphane Troussel to give his full support to Bintou Bouaré and to salute hercommitment.

Meetings with actors from Seine Saint-Denis

This week was an opportunity to discuss women’s rights in Mali: forced and early marriages, female genital mutilation, sexual violence in times of conflict, the mental health of women victims of violence and their psychological care, and domestic violence.

During this visit, Mrs. Bouaré met with local actors and professionals from Seine Saint-Denis involved in the fight against violence against women: the event “Femmes d’ici, femmes d’ailleurs” (Women from here, women from elsewhere) in Saint-Denis, organized by the Association Solidarité Amitié Français Immigrés (ASAFI), which accompanies foreign women victims of violence and discrimination. A screening-debate around the film WOMAN directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand was also organized by the city of Sevran, an opportunity for Bintou Bouaré to share the experience of Malian women.

Finally, the event “Women in the public space“, organized by the association Femmes et promotion des comportements in Noisy-le-Sec, proposed a round table discussion with local elected officials and jurists, including Pascale Labbé, Vice-president of the Seine-Saint-Denis Departmental Council in charge of gender equality and the Department’s Observatory of Violence against Women.

These meetings were an opportunity for Mrs. Bouaré to speak about the situation of Malian women in the public space, particularly on the management of public and political life in Mali since her association, Wildaf Mali, conducts awareness campaigns for equality between women and men and the promotion of women’s participation in political processes.

During this week, Mrs. Bouaré reminded us that violence against women in times of conflict is a reality that is often neglected, but which has dramatic impacts in terms of psycho-trauma for women and girls. Local authorities have an important role to play in combating this scourge, particularly by working on prevention, protection and care for these victims.  This violence leads to other consequences that are often ignored, such as orphaned and/or abandoned children.

Collaboration with international partners, such as Mali, allows us to bring together resources and expertise from different backgrounds to strengthen local capacities, improve support services for victims, and develop links of solidarity and avenues for innovation in each territory.

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